We have landed!

Welcome to our shiny new website, which we are still working on however a lot of old and new customers have prioritised this as something they would like to see and as we pride ourselves on making sure the customer is happy and has everything they need, we built one!

Bardeli has been operating for over 10 years, and in the last 9 months we have had a little bit of fresh meat join the company. Kimberley started in July after many, many years in Sales and Account management. Kimberley is the young blood, pestering Chris to get down with the kids and more interactive and definitely looking outside the box.

We here at Bardeli Supplies have a wide range of all things needed within the catering business and yes our main products are all to do with takeaway’s whether that is a takeaway coffee, a meal from your local street food vendor or sandwich platters for your local office. However we are much more than this, we also supply crockery to coffee shops , cafes and restaurants. We supply janitorial products to bars, or offices and we even supply compostable cups to large events that are staying away from plastic.

So what ever you need we are here to help and as a local, independent supplier, our aim is to keep our pricing at the best we can offer. We want all businesses, large or small to thrive, so we will work with you and your budget to help you to create a great business without the major added costs.